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The Irish Dance Teachers Association of Canada - Eastern Region, is the host of the North American Irish Dance Championships every eight years.  This event, more commonly known as "Nationals" is held at the start of July each year in a different host city throughout North America, and it runs over five days (or six, depending on the decisions of the hosting committee). 

This event qualifies North American-residents to compete at the following year's World Championships, and attracts a top standard of dancing from around the world for solo and team competitions.

The 2022 North American Irish Dance Championships occurred at the Palais des Congrès, 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montreal, Quebec, on July 1-2-3-4-5, which was the same location as the 2014 NAIDC and the same building as the 2015 World Championships (but in a different area).

It was the seventh time that Eastern Canada hosted the Championships.  Previous events were held as follows: 1984 Toronto, 1989 Toronto, 1995 Toronto, 2001 Toronto, 2007 Ottawa, and 2014 Montreal. 

Please follow the links below to access the regional websites for the hosts of future events.

NAIDC 2023 - Gaylord Opryland - Nashville, TN - New England Region
NAIDC 2024 - Gaylord Hotel - Dallas, TX - Southern US Region

NAIDC 2025 - Gaylord Hotel - Washington, DC - Mid-Atlantic Region
NAIDC 2026 - Rosen Center Hotel - Orlando, FL - IDTANA Region
NAIDC 2027 - Western Canada Region
NAIDC 2028 - Mid-America Region
NAIDC 2029 - Western US Region
NAIDC 2030 - Mid-America Region

NAIDC 2031 - Eastern Canada Region

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