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Irish dancing Grade Examinations test dancers on a range of traditional and contemporary solo and team dances, and there are twelve grades in total, and completion of all twelve exams in required to sit the Teachers exam (TCRG).  


The exams are officiated by a Grade Examiner certified by An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha of Dublin, Ireland.  

 The Irish Dance Teachers Association of Canada - Eastern Region, is very proud to have the following alumni who have completed the program!

This list is incomplete, so any help you can offer to fill in the blanks will be appreciated.  Unfortunately, there is no database with this info that is easily accessible.


Katie Holbrook TCRG  (the first Canadian graduate)

Aveen Mahon
Isabella Simms
Lee Tanner
Leiden McMurray
Madeline Cameron
Orla Mahon
Shannon Anderson

Camille Slaght
Chelsea Norgrove
Miranda Lee

Darragh Brown TCRG
Liam Anjos
Michelle Pion
Rachel Nixon
Vanessa Silano

Amanda Keith
Katherine Fuller
Lauren Pope
Marilena Mohan
Rachel Morris
Victoria Preston-Walker


Elizabeth Al-jbouri
Hayley Pereira
Jessica McGrath
Kayla Gagne TCRG


Julia Sullivan
Julianna St. Pierre
Madeleine Follis
Michelle Germain
Triona Reaney-Brown
Kylie Paliani
Grace Bowman
Cecilia Wojcik
Jacqueline Boutilier
Catherine Errington
Blaire Pearce
Rachel Cawker
Sophie Allen
Sonja Cestnik
Brenna Allore
Katie Gulych
Kelsey Crone
Meaghan Kilmartin
Erin Lange

If your name is missing from this list, please reach out to us at

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